Tell your MP that you don't support a tax on health and dental benefits.
The Federal Government is considering taxing your health and dental benefit plans – costing your family hundreds of dollars a year. Join thousands of Canadians and send a letter to your MP right now saying you don't support this tax.
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Don't Tax My
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What's at Stake?

The Federal Government is considering taxing your health and dental benefits. This means hundreds or thousands of dollars added to your tax bill when you file! It also means that Canadians may be at risk of losing their coverage if their employer can’t afford to keep them insured.

These plans provide preventive care not covered under your provincial health services, including prescription drugs, vision care, mental health services, dental care, nutrition counselling, and musculoskeletal care. All this is at risk!

Without proper health care benefits, more Canadians will enter the public system with greater health needs, driving up costs.

The Federal Government needs to hear from Canadians that taxing these essential health benefits is a bad idea, and the negative effect this could have on middle class Canadians and their families.

Taking needed care away from millions of Canadians is not the way to address fairness and equity.

I depend on my health and dental benefits to make sure my kids are getting the care they need. A tax on my benefits is going to really hurt my family's budget. We can't afford it. That's why I'm taking action.
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You could be at risk of losing your benefits

When a similar tax was introduced in Quebec, 20% of employers dropped health and dental benefits for employees. Studies suggest the removal of this tax benefit across the board could result in a decrease of 50% of small firms who will be able to offer health benefits.

If benefits were to be taxed, fewer employers of all sizes would offer benefit plans, and many would reduce coverage.

That puts millions of Canadian families at risk of losing their benefits entirely if this tax were to be introduced.

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Thank you for your interest in the Don’t Tax My Health Benefits site.

On February 1st, 2017, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated in the House of Commons that there would be no new taxes on health and dental benefits for Canadians. We thank the Prime Minister and Finance Minister Bill Morneau for this decision.

We also sincerely thank the 80,000 Canadians who shared their concerns with their elected members, and all the Members of Parliament who responded.

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